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Client's Testimonial

“We have been using Fatweb for many years and are very happy with three awesome websites. We have always received outstanding customer service from Callum, very professional – would highly recommend!”
– Tracy from Estheique
“FatWeb designers listen and then implement your concept” .Now that doesn’t sound inspiring as a standalone statement, however. along this journey they subtly provide excellent tweaks and ideas to develop your vision into a flourishing creative platform! What more could we want ! Thank you, FatWeb, for the ongoing support and fresh ideas you are always on hand to share with your clients.”
– Margaret Walsh from Margaret Walsh Consulting
To be honest, you probably know better than me, the important things your customers like to see in the testimonial info, so would you like to put something together and fire it over to me to approve and/or add to. This is our 2nd website build by Fatweb, and been a customer for many years. Great tech knowledge, customer support and competitive pricing. Great assistance when building a site from scratch, and accommodating what we wished to see our site, how it operates, customising etc. FatWeb are highly recommended!
– Esther from Fire and Ice
“FatWeb has offered incredible service from the design and build to the ongoing support and maintenance of our website. We highly recommend them for their great support over the years.”
– Josh from IBS